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Irrefutable Truth About Climate Change!

There is one simple thing that makes it hard for me to understand how climate change can be considered a hoax. The truth about climate change has to do with time.

truth about climate change


The oil, gas and coal that we extract from the earth literally took millions of years to form. In other words, these hydrocarbon deposits that we are using, formed from the bodies of long dead plants and animals, slowly over time. So, carbon was taken from the biosphere in small amounts year after year over those millions of years and stored in the earth.

Truth About climate change

And here is the issue. It is estimated that during the last few hundred years we have burned up somewhere in the neighborhood of 50% of the hydrocarbons ever created over the previous millions of years. It is inconceivable that this could be done without serious repercussions. And those repercussions are exactly what we are currently experiencing as climate change; natural disasters increasing in strength and frequency.

Yes, natural processes can and have in the past caused dramatic and deadly climate change events with varying levels of severity. The most deadly of these events were caused by unusually big volcanic outgassing’s or an unusually big visitor from space slamming into the planet. These events have caused mass extinctions and it is disconcerting enough that these threats to human survival are always a possibility (though slim), which could happen at any time. But this time we are doing it to ourselves.

The evidence is overwhelming. The science is clearly known and articulated. Whether mankind has the will to turn this thing around is in serious doubt. If 99.9% of the species that ever lived on earth are now extinct, what makes humans think they are not susceptible to the same fate? Extinction is obviously an integral part of the evolution of all the species that ever lived. Are we smart enough to avoid that fate?

Could climate change actually cause the complete extinction of the human race? Probably not. But it certainly could decimate modern society and leave in its wake a small population of humans living in much more primitive conditions then we are currently accustomed to.

And so far, we don’t seem to be responding to the challenge. The amount of carbon entering the biosphere each year is still on the rise. But scientists as far back as the 1800’s postulated that carbon emissions would be a problem. And by the 1950’s it was known that the oceans could not absorb the levels of carbon being created by human activity. But here we are 70 years later and we continue to barrel headlong forward with our addiction to carbon.

Even though the effects of climate change are everywhere you turn, mankind has apparently not been slapped in the face hard enough yet to wake up to the threat. The truth about climate change is a stark reality. We better figure it out soon or pay the price.

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